Turf War

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In Turf War, Kasim and his friends aren’t much of a gang. They’re not like Crips or Bloods, they’re just a bunch of guys who hang together. But that doesn’t help them against the Parkside Prep guys when they decide to clean up the Edge.

Author: Alex Kropp
Reading level: grade 2.5     Lexile 500 HL
Interest level: Grades 7-12
Part of the HIP Hi-School Pack!

“Both Turf War, dealing with gangs and weapons, and Outrage, dealing with punk anger and robbery, are full of male testosterone, fighting and posturing. On the other hand, no one prostitutes themselves, no one steals cars, no one takes or deals drugs and even the swearing is implied.” – from the Resource Links review.

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Turf War Teacher’s Guide available for purchase or free with 6 or more copies of this title.

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