Lost in a blizzard. Outrunning a tsunami. Trapped in an earthquake. In HIP XTREME novels, teenage heroes become involved in extraordinary situations, often struggling just to stay alive. These high-action novels will keep even the most reluctant readers in middle and high school on the edge of their seats.

A comprehensive teacher’s guide is available for each novel.  The HIP XTREME Library Pack offers all 6 books at a discounted price.  Available in print or ebook formats.

Interest Levels:          Ages 11-19 (Grades 6-12)
Readability Levels:   Grade 2-3-3.2        Lexile Levels: 340-470L

“Careful control of reading levels, believable characters and dialogue, picture support, stimulating plot, and use of subtle encouragement represent the format and structure of the “HIP Xtreme” novel series.” – CM Review