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Novel Series for Reluctant and Struggling Readers

Engaging realistic fiction for struggling readers in Grades 4-12

High interest-low vocabulary novels for students elementary grades

Exciting stories of teenage heroes in extraordinary situations

High interest/low vocabulary novels geared to reluctant readers in high school

Dragons, heroes and shapeshifters are featured in these hi-lo fantasy novels.

Two kids solve mysteries all year long in these novels for struggling readers in Grades 4-8.

Not just for struggling readers! Complex plots, well-developed characters, and rich word choice for high school readers.

NEW!  Exciting chapter books for Grades 4-6 students reading below Grade 2 level.

What Teachers are Saying about HIP Books

  • During my visit to Bocage Secondary School, St Lucia (a rural school with a lot of struggling readers)….the Principal said that [a] teacher had started using the 8 copies of the [HIP] book they had available to do reading with her entire class...the students responded really well to the book and enjoyed it so much that word spread and the teachers ended up passing those books throughout the school, class by class. [They requested more HIP books!]

    Amanda Dombach, Programs/Operations DirectorHands Across the Sea - “Dedicated to raising the literacy levels of Caribbean children”

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